Due to the recent announcement from the City, classes will have to remain completely virtual for a bit longer. In-person slots may become available pending the status of Chicago's current Stay At Home Advisory & Phase 3 Status. We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

Regardless of this not-so-awesome news, we still have a lot of exciting things coming up before the holidays! Please review our "Coming Up Next" section on our home page for more information.

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time. It truly means the world to us and we look forward to dancing with you again!

Please feel free to message us with any questions you have via email.

— Sarah Z.




With COVID-19 keeping us all socially distanced these days, we've been craving some real connection. That is why we are so excited to announce a new format of classes on Friday evenings!

Have you and your significant other been wanting to learn together? Or maybe you have a friend you're comfortable making contact with that you'd like to practice with? Whatever the case may be, come and dance with us! Think fast, though—in-person slots are limited to three couples per class.

To continue to ensure everyone's health and safety, we will be enforcing the following for all in-person classes:

  • Please register in advance online or via phone whenever possible to avoid contact during payment. Each class will be capped at 9 people + the instructor. Pre-registration will guarantee your spot in class. In-person registration will be available but you may run the risk of a class being full.
  • Please wear your mask when taking the stairs up to the studio, keep 6 feet in between parties, and be mindful of others coming from the other direction. We will have barriers up at every direction change of the staircase so that individuals can stand on opposite sides while passing. Please don't pass each other in areas where there is not a barrier.
  • All individuals will be required to wear masks throughout the duration of their visit to the studio. If for some reason you need a break due to breathing or anxiety issues, please do so in an isolated area.
  • Even though most of the classes that we offer will be contactless, please continue to wash or sanitize your hands before and after each class, especially when touching any surfaces.
  • All studio spaces will be marked with tape to ensure proper distance between individuals in class and while sitting down. Please do not move any furniture or dance outside your designated area.
  • The studio has received a professional deep clean before the start of our September session. In regards to daily cleaning by staff, the studio is disinfected before the start of each evening and all high touch surfaces are cleaned by staff every hour while classes are in session.

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time. It truly means the world to us and we look forward to dancing with you!!

Please feel free to message us with any questions you have via email. Your Urbanity family misses you dearly and hopes you all are safe and well.

— Sarah Z.

Urbanity Squad


Connect. Express. Vibe.

Urbanity Dance Chicago is a woman-owned, predominantly social dance studio that focuses on the most trending sub styles of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Zouk.

“Connect. Express. Vibe” is our “checklist” of sorts for each of our students. We want the studio to be a second home where our dance family can connect with their passion for dance, music, and other people who share the same, comfortably express themselves through movement with ease and their own personal style, and vibe out on amazing energy, music, and flow of movement every time they’re in the studio or at one of our events.

Founded in January of 2019, Urbanity is the newest and most innovative adult partner-dance environment in the city. Our curriculum structure and teaching methods are unique and constantly evolving to ensure that quality & fun are equally valued at every level. We are also the only studio who has truly dissociated gender and masculine/feminine styling from the lead/follow roles in partner dance. Urbanity works hard to create a safe, judgement-free space that encourages students to participate in either or both roles with any styling they choose!

Ask a student or staff member about Urbanity and you will hear “comfortable”, “connected”, “a friendly and supportive environment”, and “a perfect balance of discipline and creativity”. Our staff is passionate, our students are family, and we are truly welcoming to ALL. We hope you join us soon!