Cassandra Carr

[Zouk & Body Prep]

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Graduating with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cassandra studied printmaking and figure drawing. Originally from Arizona, her work surrounds relocation and the connections we make with others to recreate homes. After graduating she shifted her focus to the social dance floor while still thinking about the connections we co-create.

Really motivated to push her dance training and visibility as a woman who leads, Cassandra joined several dance teams and has performed at dance congresses over the years. She is currently training under Sarah Zuccaro and has been a SaZoukMia performer for 2 years.

At Urbanity she teaches several Zouk and Sensual Body Movement classes, and leads the administration team! You’re sure to meet her at the desk! Her goals within the studio are prioritizing connection and consent in the classroom, transforming comfort into confidence, and making Urbanity your top choice to vibe!  

Group Classes