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Mahogany Beal


Mahogany Beal



Dance instructor Mahogany Beal is currently offering drop in group classes for Dancehall.  She is also available for privates in West African Dance and Hip Hop. Mahogany also runs our yearly Thriller Performance Class every Halloween.  


Mahogany started dancing at the age of seven.  Her first form of training was commercial style Hip Hop. She aspired to become a more versatile dancer hence choosing to study dance at Columbia College in Chicago. During her time there, Mahogany trained in a wide variety of dance styles. Those styles include West African, Modern, Ballet and advanced Hip Hop. She graduated from Columbia in May 2019 with a Bachelors of Arts in Dance. After graduating, Mahogany started focusing more on Dancehall. She became a teaching assistant and performer for "LadySol", a successful Dancehall professional in Chicago.


Dance instructor Mahogany Beal is all about the "Groove" when teaching class. It's important for her to teach the students about musicality early on. In other words, Mahogany want to show how each movement is done on a beat, a snare, or the lyrics of a song. It's not always about counts, especially in the dance styles she teaches. Finding the “groove”, building up her students' confidence and having fun while doing it are the values that are most important to Mahogany. She wants her students to look at themselves dancing and see the dancing queen or king inside of them!


"No matter how much or how little Dancehall experience you have, Mahogany keeps her teaching style fun and accessible without sacrificing detail when breaking down techniques. It's a joy to dance with her!"

Christie J.
August 2020

"Took a private “house” class with Mahogany- a Tik Tok video step, and it was so great. Lots of safety precautions with covid. Great staff, they’re super responsive. I’ll be back for more"

Jane K
November 2020