Eric Nava

[Salsa & Bachata]


Eric has been teaching since 2012, but has been dancing since his mom taught him his first steps at the age of... in the womb. He is a fun, enthusiastic dance teacher and is always excited to teach and inspire students of all ages and levels. Learning to dance can be intimidating, but Eric helps make the process easy and enjoyable with his humorous teaching style and charming personality.

Eric is proficient in Latin dances, American Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Hustle, and Country Dances. He currently competes at the professional level in Country Ballroom and actively continues to learn and grow in all styles of dance to keep his teaching up-to-date. He is also on a mambo team and has been a member of a bachata team (both at the pro level) here in Chicago. Whether its performance level quality or social dance skills, Eric can help get you out on the floor feeling comfortable and living your best life.