Urbanity Dance Chicago can offer you a variety of services to fit the needs of your fundraiser, company party, or team building event.  Our staff is highly trained to deliver a great experience to your participants, leaving everyone with great smiles, laughs, & memories.

PARTY LESSON & SOCIAL DANCE DEMONSTRATION – A party lesson can be between 30 & 60 minutes.  Our Urbanity Entertainment Coordinator will discuss with you which dance/s would be most appropriate for the style of music being played to ensure that guest can easily use what they learned throughout the event.  We’ll provide easy, fun instruction and rotate partners throughout the lesson. This is a great way to get the guests to mingle and be more comfortable dancing at the party.

INTERACTIVE DANCING – This requires a larger group of dancers at your event to “work the room” and encourage dancing.  The dancers would offer themselves as dance partner to guests or encourage couples to go dance together. More organized dancing can be coordinated if requested.  For example: hustles, line dances, and cadence-call dance moves. Dancers can also dance together for entertainment purposes or to keep the dance floor looking fuller.

PERFORMANCES – Based on artist availability, professional performances can be provided for event entertainment.  Urbanity will do our best to find the show that matches the mood & theme of your event. Performances inspire, create awe, & enthuse your guests.

TEAM BUILDING EXERCISES –  Looking to strengthen the bond between colleagues?  Team building can lead to better communication, morale, and trust within your team.  Urbanity Dance Chicago staff can tailor a dance experience that will suit your specific needs & goals.

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