Jazmine Roman

[Bachata & Zouk]


Jazmine’s dance journey started off in the opposite end of the spectrum, by being absolutely terrified of the dance floor. Growing up, she preferred sitting on the side lines then getting dragged out by her family. It wasn’t until Jazmine reluctantly agreed to have a Quinceañera for her dad, that ignited her into loving dance and performing.

After discovering dancing wasn’t something to be afriad of, Jazmine began to grow her new-found passion. Playing the double bass for a majority of her life added another appreciation to dance. She began learning Ballroom dancing in high school and through college. Her love for learning multiple dances transition her focus into Latin dances. During this period, she took her social dancing to another level by training with multiple teams.

Currently, Jazmine is under the guidance of Sarah Zuccaro and is teaching classes at Urbanity Dance Chicago. Prior to Urbanity, she taught privates for a year at a studio with an emphasis of Swing and Country dancing. Jazmine is also part of Urbanity’s front desk staff, so she’ll be a familiar face behind the desk and on the class floor. She can’t wait to see everyone come in and help any wallflowers along the way, just as she was once ago.

Group Classes


"Instructions were very detailed. Jazmine provided a comfortable practice environment and answered questions to help me in areas where I may have struggled."

Bachata Core II
Student Survey
June 2019

"Jazmine is great, clearly explains moves."

Bachata Core I
Student Survey
May 2019