Jojo Suthigoseeya



Social dancer at heart, mind, and soul is Jojo’s motto. He has danced on the stage of various congresses and festivals across the US since high school. At the University of Urbana-Champaign Jojo helped spark a dance scene by collaborating with various Latin fraternities, sororities, organizations, and the locals. 

Jojo has trained under multiple high profile teams such as Fuego Dance Company, Alma Latina Chicago Dance Company, Island Touch Dance Company, and Evolucion Latina Dance Company receiving training directly from some of Chicago's best professionals.

After years of performing, Jojo decided to shift his focus and attention to social dancing with an emphasis on the mental and physical connections between dance partners. Aside from his passion for connectivity, he's developed his own style of sensual bachata, deriving influence from Chicago’s Urban Bachata, Ataca y Alemana’s Island Touch, Korke y Judith’s Bachata Sensual, Alma Latina, and Brazilian Zouk. 

At Urbanity, JoJo is an instructor and part of the front desk staff. He teaches Bachata fundamental classes and is responsible for developing the Bachata Sensual Intermediate class material. Always radiating with positivity, Jojo brings a fresh and friendly energy to the Urbanity Dance Studio!

Group Classes