Corporate Programming

Dance works our muscles and our minds — and it can be a great addition to your workplace! According to research from Stanford University, dancing boosts cognitive function and decision-making, helping us tackle bigger tasks in the office. We also create social bonds when we dance each other, closing gaps between colleagues and regaining the familiarity we may have lost from working at home during the pandemic. Check out our program offerings below that will help your business improve it's productivity and office community!
Corporate Programming Interest Form

Team Building

Looking to strengthen the bonds between coworkers? Want to get everyone out of the office or their houses for a unique team-building event? Our workplace programs use partner dancing to build skills like creativity, focus and collaboration that are transferable between the dance floor and the office. Urbanity’s carefully crafted programs will demonstrate concepts like communication (how to send and receive clear signals), adaptability, trust, or any other idea you would like to incorporate! The Urbanity staff wants you to gain the maximum benefits from your experience and will tailor it to suit the specific needs and goals of your company. And your team will have a blast as they learn to work better, together!

Health & Wellness Partnership

We would love to have an ongoing partnership with your company! Contact us and we can discuss benefits and perks including discounts for classes, regular team building events, and more. Having a customized partnership with us will give your employees skills on and off the dance floor. Urbanity is also available for partnerships with health care providers and insurance companies to offer specially tailored classes and sessions for your clients and partners.