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Event Entertainment & Team Building

Enhance your event with dance!

Event entertainment can enhance and improve guest experience for any type of event. Because of this Urbanity developed a variety of services to fit your needs. You can these services for a wide variety of events such as fundraisers, holiday parties, or team building events. We trained our staff to deliver a great experience to your participants and will leave everyone with great memories as a result!

Party Lesson & Social Dance Demonstration

A party lesson can be between 30 & 60 minutes and can include 1 or 2 dance styles. First, our Event Coordinator will recommend which dances best fit the music you're playing therefore ensuring they can be used throughout the event. During the lesson, our instructors provide easy, fun dance steps and rotate partners throughout the lesson. As a result, the guests get to mingle and be more comfortable dancing at the party.

Interactive Dancing

Interactive Dancing is also known as "Dancefloor Motivation". It requires a larger group of dancers at your event to “work the room” and encourage dancing. The dancers can offer themselves as dance partners to the guests or encourage couples to go dance together. Additionally, we can coordinate more "organized dancing" upon request. Some examples of this are hustles, line dances, and cadence-call dance moves. Dancers can also dance together for entertainment purposes or to keep the dance floor looking fuller. As a result, your party will have more energy and be way more fun for your guests!


Urbanity can provide professional performances for your event entertainment based on artist availability. Urbanity finds the best show to match the mood & theme of your event. If done right, it's a great way to inspire, create awe, & enthuse your guests.