Wedding Dance Series Part 3: How to Capture the Best Photo and Video for Your Wedding Dance

Here’s a checklist of things to get the best view of your wedding dance in person, photo, and video:
Knowing how to capture the best photo and video for your wedding dance is crucial to preserving your memories. Because of that, it’s important to make your videographer and photographer’s job as easy as possible. We also want to make sure that your friends and family feel they have the best view in the house no matter where they’re seated.

First, consider the size of the dance floor.

The size of the dancefloor is important in determining how much space you can take up while doing your choreography. If you pick a traveling dance, such as the waltz or foxtrot, then make sure your routine changes direction in the right places. If it doesn’t, your steps may run you off the dance floor.

Second, consider where your guests are seated.

Have you ever watched a performance from the side or the back? It’s not nearly as appealing as when you’re watching front and center. If you have guests seated on 3 sides, your instructor should make sure your moves rotate to give a great view to all of your guests.

Third, give direction to your staff.

A talented photographer and videographer will already know how to follow you and shoot at the right angle. Regardless, it doesn’t hurt to give them more information so that they can produce the best photo and video for your wedding dance! Your instructor should be happy to write out important notes about how to properly capture the best photo and video of your wedding dance. It will help you properly communicate to your team how you want your moments recorded. Those notes could include…best place to post up and best moments in your routine for the million dollar photos…where you’re entering and exiting so the video can follow you from start to finish…when the DJ should start the music and when the MC should announce you for the best presentation.
These things are small but the more details you cover the better the experience for everyone!