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Learn one of the most popular Latin dances in Chicago with teachers that stay up to date on current Salsa trends so you can grow to be the best on the dance floor.

What is Salsa?

Salsa is characterized by its dynamic movements that showcase intricate turns, rhythmic hip and rib movements, and quick footwork.

Salsa originated in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba and Puerto Rico, and has influences of Son, Rumba, Pachanga, and more. With the influence of renowned dancers such as Eddie Torres & Adolfo Indacochea, it has become immensely popular around the world.

There are multiple ways to dance Salsa here in Chicago, which are mostly differentiated by the timing of your steps. At Urbanity we offer the most popular: Salsa on1 for your lower levels of learning and Salsa on2 for the Intermediate level.

Improve your stamina, coordination, & musicality and become part of a passionate community with a deep appreciation for Salsa the dance & it's music.

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